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Sunucu Kayıtları [Eng]

Türkçe Güncelleme Kayıtları İçin "Sunucu Kayıtları TR" Bölümüne Giriniz...

v 2.11
-Double Jump for Biohazard Zombies
-Metamod Using Sxei Server
-Round Start Oto Hand-Bombs Added
-Descriptive Fire In The Hole Plugin Added.
-Decreased The Models Of Weapons.
-Winner Team Hud Message Added
-Server Upside Article Changed
-JailBreak Weapon Menu Fixed
-Pod Chats and Names Increased
-Auto Responder Organized
-Flasbang Dynamic Light Added
-Biohazard Golden AK47 Added
-SemiClip Added
-3Pers Plugin Changed Succesfully
-Server.cfg MP Cvars Updated
-Biohazard Zombie HPs Decreased
-HFS Updated 2.3d to 2.3f
-Biohazard Impact Explode Fixed
-Call Of Duty Mod Buy Menu Bug Fixed
-Infinite Money For Some Mods Added
-Invisible Zombie
-BodyGuard Dog Added
-BaseBuilder Fixed
-WarCraft Mode Removed
-Rally Mod Removed
-Admin Menu 1.4 Added
-Amx Modx Main and Modules Updated
-Biohazard Countdown Added
-Biohazard Self-Grenade Added
-Biohazard Advanced Lazer Added
-DS-Supermenu Added
-Loading Banner Changed
-Ban Plugin Fix
-Advanced Jbmenu Added
-Auto Messages Organized
-Swear Filter Added
-Jail Spider Web Added
-Snow Wars Mod Added
-Huge Waypoint Archive Added
-Huge Map Archive Added
-Reset To Res Plugin Changed
-Mapmenu Fixed
-Caps Lock Bind Server Voice Added
-Health Kit Cvars Fixed
-Admincmd Lang Organized
-Pod Restrict Weapons Organized
-Only Team Camera Mode Actived
-Colored Bio Navigation Menu Added
-Stats X Shell Reward Announce Switched Off
-JailBreak GameMenu Added
-JailBreak Rocket Menu Added
-Now The Server is Saving The Frags And Able To Change
-Zombie Plague New Win Mesage Removed
-Zombie Plague Croshair Removed On Zombies
-Zombie Plague Critical Damage Chance Added
-JailBreak Last Prisoner /lr Warning Message Added
-40 Seconds AFK Slayer Added
-Kill Assist Added
-Server Panel Rebuilded All Over For Turkish
-Silent Hill Mod Added
-The Server Is Now Logging About Creating And Shutting Down
-Spectator Music Added
-JailBreak When CT Is Not In The Game Doors Open Auto